I have collected quite a few stamps but have been a bit nervous using them. If you don’t get it spot on, on the first press, by hand, it is difficult to go back over it exactly. Further attempts just tend to result in a big mess.

I’ve wanted a stamping platform for ages and decided to go for the Tim Holtz Stamping Platform from Tonic. The best price that I found, at the time, was from Amazon: £26.14 inc. p&p. It took 4 days to be delivered, which was quicker than estimated.

Anyway, I set to, to make some Christmas cards using some polymer stamps from one of my favourite crafty suppliers, Craftwork Cards

This was my very first attempt to use a stamping platform and it is so easy.
You just line up your paper or card by pushing it into the corner, or using the ruler guides, and hold it firmly in place with the two supplied magnets.
You then place your chosen stamps, face down, on the card and make sure that you are happy with the positioning. Carefully close the lid and give it a little press down.
When you lift the lid the stamps will be stuck to it and you can ink them up.
Close the lid, press down, using your fingers, all over the stamps and, when you lift your lid you should have a perfectly stamped image.
If you have under-inked, or under-pressed, leaving gaps in the print, just re-ink, close and press down again, until you are happy with the print. Unlike just doing it by hand using a stamp block, the stamp will go down in precisely the same position and this is the beauty of using a stamping platform.

I, first of all, used an older stamp – an outline of a Christmas tree, along with a sentiment, which I curved to make it more pleasing to the composition.
I used black Archival ink and was really pleased with the results.

The tree has spaces (circles) for Carftwork Cards ‘Candi’ – little circles of card which you can use instead of brads, by sticking down with tiny foam pads – Candi-Fix.
I then added sparkly red gems to the smaller circles.
Both jobs were time consuming and fiddly but worth it for the end result.

I used some tiny stamps on the envelopes. As they were well spaced I could ink up with both the red and green inks at the same time. The stamping platform makes it really easy, and an awful lot quicker, to batch make as you only have to position the stamps the one time.

Once I had all the bits in place, I glued a ‘Handmade by WTDN’ label on the back and used Glossy Accents on all the Candi to made them look like shiny enamel.

Once dried (overnight) they are done and ready for the craft fair.