Luca Veste has done it again and created a monster of a standalone novel.

When children chant the rhyme:

The Bone Keeper’s coming,

The Bone Keeper’s real.

He doesn’t stop,

He doesn’t feel.

He’ll snatch you up

And make you weep.

He’ll slice your flesh,

Your bones he’ll keep….

You just know that things aren’t going to go well and it’s probably best to hide under the covers and stay there until you’re all grown-up. On the other hand, it’s probably best to stay under those covers, when you are all grown-up, keep the light on and most certainly stay out of the woods….

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As a child, Detective Constable Louise Henderson was caught up in the local myth of the Bone Keeper-bogeyman when four children went into the woods but only one came out.

Twenty years later, when an horrifically injured woman is found wandering the streets of Liverpool, claiming to have fled the Bone Keeper, Louise has to face the possibility that the myth may actually be a flesh and blood man – especially when bodies start to be unearthed in the woods. Can she convince her colleagues that the Bone Keeper is real and is he watching every move that the police make?

With plenty of twists and turns, this dark psychological thriller will keep you holding your breath, and looking over your shoulder, right until the surprising climax – and beyond.

Luca Veste, who is a writer of Italian and Scouse heritage, has written yet another gripping novel which makes you thankful that he puts his mind to writing – otherwise no one in Liverpool would be safe!

Luca studied psychology and criminology and manages to crawl into the crevices of warped brains which adds a validity, and far too scary realism, to his characters.

I have read all of Luca’s novels, to date, and always look forward to the next.

As with all of Luca’s books, I can highly recommend, the very creepy, The Bone Keeper.

If you go down to the woods today – you could be in for a horrible surprise….

You can find all things Luca at: He is on Facebook: Luca Veste and Twitter: @LucaVeste